Week 5: IF I Wanted Your Opinion………………

So here I am in Week 5 of my journey with my new friends in the MKMMA group and it has been quite an experience so far.  One of our “assignments” this week is to not offer an opinion on anything.  My first reaction was: this is impossible.  My second thought was: you just blew it because that first reaction was actually an opinion.  Haha.

What I’ve found this week is that not offering an opinion to things is a refreshing take on daily life, but it has been very difficult, to say the least.  On two different occasions this week I’ve had long time, trusted friends ask me for their opinion on something they were facing.  While I made it clear to both of them that I would be more than happy to listen to them, I also asked them if my opinion was really going to make a difference in their tough decisions? What I found was that they both respected my decision to listen but not give an opinion(or advice) one way or the other.

Kind of strange to not give an opinion on the every day, normal things I tend to freely offer up my thoughts on regularly.  How’s the weather?  How did you like the meal? What did you think of the game the other night?  I know I may be taking a bit of an “extreme” approach to this but it’s interesting how people freely offer up opinions on just about everything, usually without someone asking for it. LOL.

Not sure who said it, but I know we’ve all heard it before: If I wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it.  Guess I need to start taking those words to heart……………




2 thoughts on “Week 5: IF I Wanted Your Opinion………………

  1. bobbienabinger

    Love your approach Brian! This one was hard for me as well. As an adviser to my clients and family over the years, I am accustomed to giving my opinion all the time! A few years ago I stared calling my advise “recommendations”, instead of actually saying the words, “in my opinion your best approach is…” THIS one change in phrasing made a huge positive impact on the number of my clients that actually carried out my recommendations! Imagine the implications for our future through all that we are learning and experiencing on the MKMMA journey! Keep up the good work!



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