MKMMA Week 4: It’s Game Time

A mentor of mine in life and business always asks me, “Brian, what time is it?”.  He’s not asking what time of day it is, he’s asking me what time is it relative to my business or some obstacle I am facing in my life.  And his answer is always the same: “It’s Game Time!”   Those three words came to me during this week’s webinar when Mark J. talked about being “All in”.  See “It’s Game Time” and “All In” essentially are one in the same for me.  For me and my journey with MKMMA it means it’s time to get serous.  On the webinar they talked about 100% of us quitting, either we quit the program or we quit “going through the motions” (I’m paraphrasing) and take the exercises/lessons serious and forge ahead.  I’m forging ahead because I always keep my promises.  When I made the conscious decision that I needed to make a change and applied for MKMMA, I did it with the full intention of seeing this through to the end.  There wasn’t going to be any. “I’ll try this” and then if I didn’t like it, I’d quit.  That is the old me and as I wrote back in Week 1: A New Life has Begun.

For me it is “Game Time” and I’m “All In” for this incredible journey……………

As my friend Yoda says: “do or do not, there is no try.”


3 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 4: It’s Game Time

  1. brianmasterkey

    That’s a great point Brian. I’m also finding that it always has to be “game time” because we don’t know exactly when those ‘gifts’ will present themselves! We just need to be ready!



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